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Yeonjoo Park in front of her works at Brunswick Street Gallery

In Dear Clouds, Yeonjoo Park captures the every-changing inspiration our skies offer to us in a series of textural and vibrant paintings.

Her journey of art has always been influenced by her faith and her inspirations from daily life, capturing the moments of the magnificence of the nature from her daily sceneries, recreating an abstract feature to let people see and feel the new beauty and the peace from their own perspective or imagination. 


What medium(s) do you work with, and why have you chosen them?

I mostly work with oils or acrylics. But in this show I have used acrylic on canvas because of the sharpness and the brightness of the unique feeling of acrylic paint itself.


Can you elaborate a little more on your making process — how does your artwork get from initial concept to exhibition stage?

I take photos of my everyday inspirations as much as I can which are obviously clouds. Then I choose some from there and extend ideas to produce on the canvas.

I mix gesso with sand when I do the base work and make the whole surface quite rough. Once they are dry I do a simple sketch to start and work out the colours where to be. Even though my work is bit abstract I consider the distance of the landscape or how the light and shade works. Then I can extend more shapes and colours of clouds in different ways.


Dear Clouds on display at Brunswick Street Gallery 

Who or what are the biggest influences to your work?

I can say my biggest influences are the ever-changing clouds.

I was always drawn to them and they are my energy and inspiration.

I used to paint them realistically long time ago and slowly developed to different styles and concepts and became quite abstract. In my previous solo exhibition, clouds were completely more abstract than ever and they are keep developing in many ways as I get so much creativeness from them.


How does where you grew up, or where you live now affect your art?

I lived in several different countries and I find the difference of the shapes or the moods of the clouds. They are amazing how they can be so different to another and I was always fascinated by the look. And my thing was to take many pictures of changing clouds since very young age. Clouds were my favourite thing of all. Never get bored. Always fresh and new. And they are still my favourite object. So it naturally becomes to my work.


What’s next for you after your time at Brunswick Street Gallery? What upcoming projects are you working on now?

I am challenging for something new this year which is to joining The Other Art Fair Melbourne in May. I think its really different to having exhibitions in the gallery and I want to try something different and challenging.

I am also excited to be selected to exhibit in Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn (Boroondara Council) in November in a group of four artists. The title of the show is About Abstraction. I am really excited to explore variety of clouds in more abstract style.


Yeonjoo Park was the recipient of a Small Works Art Prize in 2018 from Brunswick Street Gallery.

Dear Clouds by Yeonjoo Park runs from 8–24 March 2019. 

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