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Inspired by a passion for animals and a love of native flora, Mia Emily Freeman is a Melbourne based artist and illustrator whose work playfully brings our awareness back into the natural world. She works mainly with watercolours, pencil, pen and acrylic, and is always experimenting with new ways to connect with her environment. Her work is gentle and warm, using a calming palette and intricate detail. Freeman finds great joy in capturing all she sees around her and finds her two pet snails Humphrey and Lauren to be the most dependable life models.




Mia Emily Freeman's exhibition Warble is current 16 November – 2 December 2018.



Eric is an Australian photo and print media artist whose practice has parallels with that of the Dada and Surréalisme movements of the early 1900’s. Fascinated with the dichotomy that is the human condition, Eric’s work explores the direct and indirect effects of that duality on both ourselves, and the environments we inhabit.

Eric has been fortunate to have spent most of his life surrounded by artists and has been particularly lucky to have mentors and tutors including Gina Leith, Julie Bradley, and Mini Graff who have helped him find his voice and refine his practice.

Currently inspired by Brett Whiteley’s words: “If you want to be an artist, … try and cheat, and deceive and lie and exaggerate and most particularly distort. … after a state of intense frustration, you can see something you truly have never seen before, and that is the beginning of yourself.” Eric’s first solo exhibition at Brunswick St Gallery, Sêula, is the beginning of his artistic journey.




Eric's exhibition Sêula is current 16 November – 2 December 2018.



Petrina Griffin is an artist from Melbourne and has been illustrating and painting for as long as she can remember. Working as an illustrator and designer for many years after studying Visual Design at Monash, she has only recently begun to exhibit her work. Currently she is motivated by the world around her and paints anything she sees. Experimenting with real life, abstraction and colour she is always ready and hoping to be surprised by life’s little stand out moments.




Petrina Griffin's exhibition How did we get here? in collaboration with Susan Earl, is current 12 – 28 October 2018.



Just a synthesis of the mind, recalling archetypes, gods or figures of disgrace? Works that merge fiber art, digital art, and lurid retro patterns, Richard McCoy’s practice looks at the unreal nature of reality, time and extreme change. After showing his Master's artworks at London's Tate Britain, and conducting the world’s first academic study hybridising 3D printing to cloth - McCoy exhibits internationally, working across art, fashion, and textile design. Like some white-hot past, a draped overlapping of dream, fear and dark joy, his work aims to suggest a broken time, moving and unfinished.




Richard McCoy's exhibition, Synthetic, is current 29 June – 15 July 2018.