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Eric is an Australian photo and print media artist whose practice has parallels with that of the Dada and Surréalisme movements of the early 1900’s. Fascinated with the dichotomy that is the human condition, Eric’s work explores the direct and indirect effects of that duality on both ourselves, and the environments we inhabit.

Eric has been fortunate to have spent most of his life surrounded by artists and has been particularly lucky to have mentors and tutors including Gina Leith, Julie Bradley, and Mini Graff who have helped him find his voice and refine his practice.

Currently inspired by Brett Whiteley’s words: “If you want to be an artist, … try and cheat, and deceive and lie and exaggerate and most particularly distort. … after a state of intense frustration, you can see something you truly have never seen before, and that is the beginning of yourself.” Eric’s first solo exhibition at Brunswick St Gallery, Sêula, is the beginning of his artistic journey.




Eric's exhibition Sêula is current 16 November – 2 December 2018.