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Eric is an Australian photo and print media artist whose practice has parallels with that of the Dada and Surréalisme movements of the early 1900’s. Fascinated with the dichotomy that is the human condition, Eric’s work explores the direct and indirect effects of that duality on both ourselves, and the environments we inhabit.

Eric has been fortunate to have spent most of his life surrounded by artists and has been particularly lucky to have mentors and tutors including Gina Leith, Julie Bradley, and Mini Graff who have helped him find his voice and refine his practice.

Currently inspired by Brett Whiteley’s words: “If you want to be an artist, … try and cheat, and deceive and lie and exaggerate and most particularly distort. … after a state of intense frustration, you can see something you truly have never seen before, and that is the beginning of yourself.” Eric’s first solo exhibition at Brunswick St Gallery, Sêula, is the beginning of his artistic journey.




Eric's exhibition Sêula is current 16 November – 2 December 2018.




Rossanne Pellegrino is a photographer and mixed media artist, born in Adelaide. 

Rossanne was a student of International Studies and Foreign Languages, and later studied Photography at the University of Arts South Australia. It was during this time as a photography student, that Rossanne was awarded a grant from the South Australian Youth Arts Board to produce her first solo show Looking Through Fresh Eyes (2003) which explored the Adelaide community through black and white photography. Since her first exhibition, Rossanne has regularly exhibited her work in Australia and in London (UK), further developing her art practice and exploring themes of memory, place and identity. 

Rossanne’s distinctive documentary-style photography and her ability to employ various mixed media techniques such as embroidery on photography, photographic transfer and Polaroid manipulation have resulted in a diverse body of work; from black and white photo journalism to expressive imagery that blurs the border between photography and the handcrafted.

In her most recent body of work, Strange New World Rossanne explores false memory recall through embroidered photography.  Embroidering abstract shapes, pattern and colour onto old photographs, Rossanne highlights the ever-changing nature of our memories, influenced by factors such as age, culture, time and imagination. The result is imagery made surreal, with reinvented histories.  




Rossanne Pellegrino's exhibition, Strange New World, is current 4 – 17 April 2018.



Profiled Artist: Timothy Coad


Timothy Coad is an exciting emerging Tasmanian artist creating large scale photographs. Primarily focusing on portraiture, his work is both immersive and intimate while simultaneously universal and immensely personal.

Exploring the threshold and tenuous grip we all have on life, his works are somewhat autobiographical in nature, relating to the artists shifting self-identity and loss of place. Through an innovative mix of cinematic lighting, dusk lighting, and locations in nature Coad evokes the fragility and transience of life and our existence.

Timothy Coad is a graduate of the Tasmanian School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania. He is also a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2018 – National Portrait Gallery, ACT.



Timothy Coad’s exhibition, ‘Engagements with Twilight’, is current 9 – 25 February 2018.