Gon kemping 297-23

1. Pekinmapbat ba gu kemping. Packing up to  go camping.
2. Mela gon na. We are going now.
3. Mela bin genii. We have arrived.
4. Budumap dat tant. Setting up the tent.
5. Gaji wadi ba Meigim faiya. Collecting wood to make the fire.
6. Gon fishing. We are going fishing.
7. Ola da boi gon shudum teraki. All the boys gone to shoot turkey.
8. Gugumbat daga. Cooking damper.
9 . Jidan la faiya pleis. Sitting around the fire place.

"Main neim im Karen Rogers en mi burrum Ngukurr komyunidi. Sambala main atwek im bla dis kantri we ai bin grouap. Im bla mela laif la Roper en bla mela koltja."

"My name is Karen Rogers and I’m from Ngukurr Community. My artwork often shows the country where I grew up. It’s inspired by our life in Ngukurr and our culture."

Karen Rogers is a renowned Ngukurr artist, author, printer and illustrator. She is also an emerging curator, having co-curated Our Country which presented the work of artists from 5 remote Indigneous Art Centres within Brunswick Street Gallery in June 2022.


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Gon kemping 297-23

  • Karen Rogers | Gon kemping 297-23
  • Karen Rogers | Gon kemping 297-23
  • Karen Rogers | Gon kemping 297-23
  • Karen Rogers | Gon kemping 297-23