Untitled 3 from the series, 'Choose Apocalypse!'

Contemplating the destructive human impact on the planet during the Anthropocene, Choose Apocalypse! parodies the contradictory social anxiety and ambivalence towards climate change, ironically promoting apocalypse as an inviting alternative.

Anthropogenic climate change leaves humanity standing at the threshold of total environmental breakdown. Choose Apocalypse! uses the fluctuating state of elemental materials to produce Rorschach-like images, reflecting the shifting psychological processes that we are experiencing collectively, as a society facing climate crisis. Our preoccupation with the debate between climate change believers and deniers, delays climate action. Choose Apocalypse! mirrors this political circus that fails to allow a more unified move towards positive environmental change.

The photographic series captures ephemeral ice sculptures painstakingly cast from local rocks and set ablaze, dissolving and reforming in the void of an imagined post-human world. Other works feature imagined future beings inhabiting this anti-world – bodies in various evolutionary/devolutionary states; pervious membranes that quiver and melt between body, matter and space-time.

In promoting apocalypse, this project parodies our mass delusion in an attempt to better understand it as a psychological process – a complex and multifaceted entanglement of our various anxieties, delusions and dissociative amnesias. A deeper understanding of these processes may help us confront climate change before we cross the threshold into oblivion.


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Untitled 3 from the series, 'Choose Apocalypse!'

  • Gretel Bull | Untitled 3 from the series, 'Choose Apocalypse!'
  • Gretel Bull | Untitled 3 from the series, 'Choose Apocalypse!'