Paper size 25x20cm

Image size 15x10cm


Charging forms, minimalist frames and isolating flows passage an understanding to unseen, invisible structures that may define our reality. In research and reflection, these selection of prints were created based on abstract expression of how humans manifest the composition of reality. Basing the boundaries of existence in a formatted structure, each work divulges into the simplistic yet complex nature. Each prints are the core abstractions, that being the flows and currents, organic materials and underlying structure, aim at quantifying our existence in a plain beyond the physical formations of the 3-Dimensional. Fluidly, these series of prints oscillates between scientific and spiritual means of explanations, working through how metaphysical, religious and empirical interact in conflict, contrast and cohesion. The prints interaction with one another, cohesively setting sections, doorways, and windows into the corporeality of existence.


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  • Michael Lye | Billow
  • Michael Lye | Billow