cassie lynch

Cassie Lynch
Cassie Lynch is an artist originally from Seattle, Duwamish Land, currently based in Melbourne, Wurundjeri Country, with a focus on ceramic art and pottery. Her forms explore the relationship between sculpture and functional ceramic wares, occupying the space between aesthetics and utility. She is interested in exploring how the social and economic value of a work changes depending on where it sits on the spectrum between “craft” and fine art.  The process of creating helps her to understand and bring new meaning to experiences in her own life.
Cassie makes mention of the history of ceramics through her employment of traditional form and shape, only to subvert this through explorative distortion, which led to the creation of her distinctive slumped style. Her vessels are often minimal in glazing, opting to display the natural colors and textures of the clay more prominently, showing a reverence for the natural resources required to create pottery.