Sub Terra
Dan Power
15 February–3 March 2024


1) Existing, occurring or done under the Earth’s surface, 2) Secret, concealed 

Nature is an endless cycle of decay and rebirth. But the complexity and flux of the natural world in the Anthropocene feel intangible, whilst threads of death and decay lurk in our subconscious. Dig a little deeper and we find the seeds of hope. Trees find their stability, rooted in a vast network of nutrient exchange, Mushrooms emerge as the fruits of decay. This enigmatic underground re-writes the natural history of our time, it reveals a place where decay and rebirth coexist and emerge, entangled. SUB TERRA uproots and uncovers the feelings of ecological grief and shows us the fertile soil, ready to nurture our hope for the future.

Dan Power [b.1992] is an award-winning Canberra-based artist documenting and dissecting the natural world, conservation and biodiversity in the Anthropocene. Self-taught, he graduated from the ANU with a first-class honours in evolutionary biology and has exhibited in Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne and Berlin.

In 2016, he was awarded the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize for emerging artists. His interdisciplinary practice spans a range of mediums to create a new natural history for the Anthropocene. Dan’s work confronts death, extinction & ecological grief in stunning detail with elements of hope to remind us that all is not lost, yet. 

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Sub Terra on Friday 16 February (6–8PM).

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