camille bergerson

Camille Bergerson

Camille Bergerson, originally from Los Angeles and now based in Melbourne, presents her latest artistic venture, The Diary Project.

With a foundation in ceramics studied alongside her formal uni education, Camille specializes in the intricate world of porcelain. Within this collection, Camille pushes beyond conventional artistic boundaries, employing The Diary Project as a medium to reshape her inner thoughts and anxieties into one of a kind sculptures.

The porcelain vessels, first thrown on a pottery wheel, experience a transformative journey as they are adorned. Despite the seemingly serendipitous nature of the pieces’ intricate patterns, they are, in reality, illegible stream-of-consciousness diary entries delicately laid onto the vessel. Driven by intuition rather than a set formula, each piece takes form as a unique creation, exhibiting distinctiveness in both colour and pattern.