Doubly is the ceramic practice of Aotearoa -born, Naarm-based creative Aimee Carruthers. Influenced by her background in design, Aimee makes prickly experiments in material, surface and form.

Aimee studied at Whitecliffe College of Art & Design and has an established career as an art director. After rekindling her childhood love of pottery in community classes, Aimee’s work at the pottery wheel became a therapeutic process. The resulting work veers between functional and dysfunctional, driven by instinct and providing a release for emotional boundaries and tensions. 

Experimenting with custom clay mixtures, she combines soft pliable clays with coarser textural additives, creating new subtle iterations of colour and texture with each piece. Brutalist two-dimensional forms are spliced and extruded into three, playing with the tension of opposing and often contradictory characteristics. Beautiful and ugly. Refined and crude. Sculptural and functional. Domestic and hostile.