It Arrives Slowly

Ella thrupp
16 February–5 March 2023

It Arrives Slowly is as much about the process as the feeling. Ella follows an intuitive path - almost blindly feeling her way to the destination. The works are built up slowly through the process of layering semi-opaque brush strokes. Between each layer of paint, Ella applies a thick layer of clear levelling gel, which creates literal depth between the brush strokes, and each mark then casts its own shadow onto the layer below. This process requires a great deal of patience, trust, and letting go of the outcome. Each brush stroke dictates the next, resulting in a floating world of luminosity and feeling. It Arrives Slowly is an exploration of the occult and the light in the natural world.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Internal Soup on Friday 17 February (6–8PM)