Nice Mug
Group Exhibition


 A group exhibition featuring an array of nice mugs!

Handmade ceramic mugs & vessels shown beneath a series of intriguing portraits, all created by local Naarm/Melbourne-based artists.

A mug is often used for ritual; a morning coffee, a cup of tea before bed, or a holder for necessities - toothbrushes & drawing/writing utensils. They are created to be held & used often. Mugs are essential & significant to the people who own/hold them.

A portrait lovingly created by an artist depicts a face, a person, a personality.

Nice eyes, nice face, nice mug.

Artists: Birdrock Ceramics, Cakeface, Courtney Price, Esther Sandler, Freya Alexander, Harley & Handen, Jesse Bisset, Laura Du Ve, Lisa Peri, Meg Rennie, Prinofour, Rosia Turner, Ruby Pilven, Sarah McDonal, Savi Ross, Shuh Lee, Sinome Kentley, and Tegan Iversen.