They are not planned, they are felt
Ariana Luca
7–24 March 2024

They are not planned, they are felt is a series of works that reflects and explores the process of constructing a non-representational painting. Each work is formed through intuition, expressing the present moment that Ariana Luca experiences as she paints or draws.

Intuitive gestures can be quick and spontaneous, or they can come through careful decision making. Gestures created through chance and spontaneity are repeated and morphed in future works, creating an iterative and continually evolving practice.

Chance moments come in the form of quick pencil scribbles, which are then carefully filled in with pigment. Oil paint is applied gradually or quickly in layers, until only traces of the first gestures are visible.

Shapes are split, joined and fragmented. Compositional decisions are repeated until patterns form. Each move is not planned; it is felt. One gesture triggers the next. The splicing of one shape creates another. What were once intuitive gestures and random shapes are repeated as time passes. Colour relationships are not planned, they are felt. Iterations of new forms, shapes and abstract compositions are collected and repeated. The viewer may be able to glean these processes, or they may be hidden under layers of processes unfolding.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Ariana Luca's exhibition on Friday 8 March (6–8PM).

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