artists of maningrida arts and culture

20 APRIL–7 MAY 2023

Presented by BSG PROJECTS and Maningrida Arts and Culture, this exhibition showcases a collection of Burlupurr (the Burarra word for dilly bag) a large woven collecting basket of varying shapes, materials and sizes. These baskets are often made from the vine 'Malasia scandens', a strong pliable plant which grows along the floor and into the canopy of monsoon vine thickets.

The bags are used to collect any kind of large numbers of heavy foods such as fish caught in conical fish traps or large collections of yams. They can also be made from Pandanus spiralis, a plant which grows in many areas of Arnhem Land. These dilly bags are a tightly woven collecting basket, very finely made. These dilly bags are often used to collect sugarbag, the native honey.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Burlupurr on Friday 21 April (6–8PM).

Maningrida Arts and Culture is based on Kunibídji country in Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory. The area where artists live encompass 7,000 square kilometres of land and sea, and over 100 clan estates, where people speak more than 12 distinct languages. Aboriginal people in this region are still on country, surviving and resilient because their country is the centre of their epistemology, their belief system, culture – djang.

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