Artists of Maningrida Arts & Culture
30 may–16 june

Djedme, or, ‘to carve/to sculpt’ in Kuninjku language, showcases the Mimih Spirit story brought to life by the artists of Maningrida Arts & Culture, Maningrida, NT. 

Mimih are tall, slender spirits, whose story is prominent throughout many parts of Arnhem Land and to many multiple language groups residing in the Maningrida area including the traditional owners of Maningrida, the Ndjébbana, speaking Kunibidji, as well as Gurrgoni people who have strong ties to Kuninjku. Sitting within a complex and important body of knowledge which links Kuninjku people to their distinctive escarpment homelands, Mimih are depicted in a refined, slender, even emaciated form with a broad range of facial expressions giving both individual character to, and denoting the potential volatility and humour that mimih spirits are notable for in their interaction with bininj (humans). They are said to have taught the first humans how to hunt and butcher game and also how to dance, sing and paint.

Djedme presents the work of the following artists from Maningrida Arts & Culture:

Apphia Wurrkidj Aphi Lindjuwanga
Jaylene Garnarridj
Kenan Namunjdja
Methusal Wurrkidj
Paul Namarinjmak
Ruth Bindeidbal
Simon Namunjdja
Simone Namunjdja

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