Stories in the Landscape
Eamon Wyss
2–14 April 2024

Reality and imagination seamlessly intertwine in this solo exhibition, Stories in the Landscape. With a fusion of art and cutting-edge drone technology, artist Eamon Wyss composes unmanipulated aerial photography of salt lakes from The Mallee Region of Victoria to resemble abstract paintings.

The precision of the drone enables Wyss to pay meticulous attention to the intricate details inherent in the lakes. Hidden ‘stories’ found naturally within the shapes and colours of the ‘landscape’ are unearthed, highlighting the interplay between the real (landscape) and the imaginary (stories). The artist provides a unique interactive experience for the viewer, with each piece drawing us back to engage in the imaginary and abstract whole while seducing us closer to explore the very real and natural details within.

Wyss invites viewers to explore the paradoxical coexistence of the real and the imaginary within a singular image. In an age where AI-generated imagery blurs the boundaries between what is real and what is imagined, authenticity often succumbs to highly manipulated representations. This work stands to challenge this prevailing trend, encouraging a contemplative journey into the complexities of a genuine artistic expression.

Join us as Wyss shares the captivating stories woven into his artwork and delves into the innovative techniques he uses to craft them.

Eamon Wyss will be conducting an Artist Talk on Saturday 13 April (2–3PM).
All are welcome!

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Stories in the Landscape on Thursday 4 April (6–8PM).