echoes of a gaze

group exhibition

5–22 oct 2023

Echoes of a Gaze, presents a cross-section of artists currently exploring forms of representation through portraiture art. It showcases the intimate dialogue between viewer and subject through visual communication and offering insight into their surroundings.

Critical to our understanding of ideologies of storytelling, through the eyes of portraiture, and representation of human experience, Echoes of a Gaze highlights the innovative connection between state of mind and human expression.

Featured artists:

Angela Oemcke, Aldona Kmieć, Annette Peterson, Astrid Lempriere, Beatrice Dahllof, Billy Oakley, Christina Darras, Claire Stapleton, David Lindesay, Dee Jackson, Emily Winslade, Grace Stevenson, Lauren Bertacchini, Lucinda Penn, Mairead Phillips, MeiMei Hodgkinson, Molly Morris-Mcginty, Nunzio Miano, Rochelle Morris, Sam Haven, Santiago Mals, Sheng Yi Lee, Tamara Pavlovic, Tamara Tallent, Valeria Soler, Vittoria Cugno, and Zory McGrath.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Echoes of a Gaze on Friday 6 October (6–8PM).