emerge: eleventh edition
group exhibtion

16 FEBRUARY–5 March 2023

The Emerge exhibition series is an opportunity for artists working in all mediums to showcase their new work without the pressure of a solo exhibition, and amongst fellow emerging and established artists.

Without a particular theme or brief which artwork needs to conform to, Emerge showcases a snapshot of the artists' current practices, or allows the opportunity to present new and experimental works perhaps deviating from their usual offerings.

Stretching across three of our gallery spaces, our eleventh edition of Emerge showcases artwork in a multitude of mediums by the the following artists:

Alistair Fowler, Anita Kwong, Chiara Zeta, Christine Goerner, CJ Starc, Harriet Links, Indy Blackmore, Joanna Pinkiewicz, Jocelin Meredith, Lea Rose, Nense Gomez, Olga Dziemidowicz and Raffi Butler.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Emerge: Eleventh Edition on Friday 17 February (6–8PM)