Fashion Re:Generation
Group Exhibition
9–26 May 2024

Australia currently contributes 200,000 tonnes of clothing to landfills every year. As a new generation of fashion designers, we have a responsibility to act on this environmental destruction and challenge the systems of fashion.

Fashion Re:Generation exhibits the work of RMIT Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) graduates who are at the forefront of innovation and circular fashion design. This exhibition displays the works of six designers: Aviva Gandler, Evie Rosa, Felicia Tiktikakis, Helena Bucheggar, Poppy Somers, and Shae Guttler. These projects are created without the constraints of commercial viability, speculating on the future of the fashion industry through their practices of re-use and upcycling, considering circular and regenerative fashion practices.

Proposing practices of circularity through overprint, reconstruction of garments, crochet, and shredding, these designers speculate ways in which textile waste can be reconsidered through regenerative fashion design.

Fashion Re:Generation is part of Melbourne Design Week 2024. Melbourne Design Week and the Victorian Design Program are initiatives of the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

Featured Designers: Aviva Gandler, Evie Rosa, Felicia Tiktikakis, Helena Buchegger, Poppy Somers, Shae Guttler.

Please note that some of the work exhibited in Fashion Re:Generation are not for sale.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Fashion Re:Generation on Friday 10 May (6–8PM).

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Aviva Gandler
What does it mean for fashion when more clothes dress our spaces than our bodies? Crafting, sculpting and sewing with second-hand garments, Aviva composes objects that explore the relationship between clothes, and their environments.

Evie Rosa 
Evie Rosa’s work explores the relationships between threads, fabric, and garments. She uses dry felting to amplify the tactile qualities of second-hand textiles and create a collage that blurs their previous histories. Through her designs, Evie invites a deeper awareness of the construction of the clothes we wear, giving them a new life.

Felicia Tiktikakis
‘Οικογένεια’ recreates compelling narratives of childhood nostalgia through close interactions with materials from family archives, including 80’s swimsuits, pool inflatables, and towels. Each piece is imbued with sentimental meanings and memories, preserving a connection to the past.

Helena Buchegger
Delving into the opulence of Elizabethan-era fashion, ‘Rococo Decor’ merges historical aesthetics with contemporary fashion techniques. Helena re-works Rococo decorations and interior textiles such as curtains, lamps, bedsheets, pillows, and fixtures to reflect this vision while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability.

Poppy Somers
Poppy Somers is a fashion designer and artist who reflects on human-environment interactions. Using materials such as second-hand garments, 100% natural materials, and found discarded materials, she creates thoughtful pieces that minimise their impact on the environment in order to highlight the urgency and need for societal change.

Shae Guttler
Shae Guttler is a Melbourne-based designer, up-cycler, crocheter and pattern-maker. She blends fabric manipulation techniques, psychology, and reuse to develop modern avenues for crochet by pairing handcraft and circular methodology. Shae utilises up-cycled denim garment frames, yarn creation and application of various crochet techniques to redefine crochet’s space in fashion. Promoting slower consumerism, encouraging appreciation for handmade clothing and fostering sustainable perspectives.