form & Flora

group exhibition
26 october-12 november 2023

Form & Flora explores the relationship between botanical arrangements and their vessels. In this exhibition, the infinite aesthetic combinations that come from the act of floral arranging are on show, harnessing the joy that comes from bringing the outside in.

Through the introduction of a flower, a vessel–whether a conventional vase or not–is given a function beyond the decorative, and through the marrying of these two elements life is brought into a space.

This exhibition is a celebration of Spring and an ode to the abundance of blooms available and our desire to surround ourselves with them.

Featured artists:

Afrika James, Alix Hunter, Amber Nuttall, Ben Kelly, Brittany
Pfeiffer, Carli Piltz, Cass Lynch, Clae Studio, Debbie Weinmann, Dominika Keller, Emily Schlumberger, Erica Elgin, Eva Stockdale, Florence Wang, Georgia Pricone, Gina Miller, Indya Connley, Jess Gannaway, Kasey Scott, Kylie Washington, Lauren Cameron, Leisa Turner, Leah Chisholm, Letizia Faba, Liv McCarten, Paula Mackay, Sarah Blatchford, Santiago Mals, Sarah Eve, Sarah Hankinson, Sharon Xu, Zoe Sernack

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Form & Flora on Friday 27 October (6–8PM).