Great Outdoors

group exhibition
9–26 March 2023

Great Outdoors pays homage to the historic practice of working amongst the ever-changing elements of the environment has continued to intrigue artists to capture the ephemeral nature of our surroundings. The rolling clouds, dancing shadows of eucalyptus trees, the dappled sunlight on the forest floor – this unique experience of working in the outdoors challenges artists to encapsulate the elusive details of the Australian landscape, particularly in a time dominated by the digital world.

In celebration of the revival of the en plein air, invited artists have created works within and from direct inspiration of the outdoors; encompassing paintings and sculptures that capture the unique beauty of the Australian landscape.

Featuring works by Emma Benichou, Sarah Low, Kathryn Junior, Jessie Beard, Liam Waldie, Heidi Maunder, Debbie Mourtzios, Sky Jasper Mooney (pictured), Jan Alexander and Janetta Kerr-Grant.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Great Outdoors on Friday 10 March (6–8PM)