hannah fox
30 may–16 june

Hannah Fox captures the essence of the natural world in a dynamic and multifaceted manner, aiming to mirror the unpredictable contours found in nature. Central to her artistic inquiry is the representation of mass and void, drawing inspiration from the landscape - where a cliff top meets the sea, or a rock emerges high from the ground. The canvas’ shifting shapes and perimeters mimic the organic irregularities found in the environment, evoking a sense of dynamism and fluidity within the artwork.

Fox plays with positive and negative spatial concepts, utilizing the cut-outs or voids to create dynamic visual compositions.
The interplay between these elements adds depth and intrigue to the artwork, inviting viewers to ponder the relationship between form and emptiness, presence and absence.

Her non-representational paintwork, of varying opaqueness, fractures the surface and creates a push-and-pull tension that adds depth and complexity to the composition. Each brushstroke becomes a deliberate exploration of the canvas’ contours and dimensions, shaping the evolution of the artwork in unexpected ways.

Fox attributes her colour palette to the twilight hues of the Australian bush, where light softens, merging colours and blurring boundaries. Shadows in shades of aubergine contrast with the muted tones of grey-green leaves and the ethereal white of ghost gums. Pops of flowering natives add vibrant bursts of pinky-red, infusing the landscape with a captivating energy.

This exhibition symbolizes a bold leap into abstract realms, where the canvas itself becomes a collaborator in the artistic dialogue.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of PERIMETER on Friday 31 May (6–8PM)

Hannah is a professional practising artist based in Naarm (Melbourne).

As a Monash University Fine Art alumnus, Hannah has exhibited extensively both nationally and abroad in solo and group exhibitions, as well as being selected for national awards. Her work is held in private Australian and International collections and is regularly commissioned from public and private clients.

Recent accomplishments include being selected for the Palazzo Monti Artist Residency in Italy, where Hannah developed work for her solo exhibition, Citta Terra. Successful collaborations with international fashion designers and local winemakers have also seen her artwork extend beyond the traditional gallery setting.

Hannah’s paintings and exhibitions have featured in numerous Australian print publications such as The Sunday Age, Art Guide, Belle Magazine, Design Anthology, Art Edit, Real Living, House and Garden, Home Beautiful and Fête Press; as well as online blog features such as The Design Files, In Bed, Daily Imprint and Broadsheet.

Hannah’s abstract paintings explore a fascination with colour, light, landscape and place.

Perimeter is Hannah’s ninth solo exhibition.

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