In Season

Amber nuttall

1–18 june 2023

In Season is an exploration of produce, foliage and space, capturing moments in daily life around us. Drawing scenes from memories of places, shared meals and grocery shopping, often combined with botanicals and household clutter, these serene moments are complemented with hand sculpted ceramic objects for use in the home.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of In Season on Friday 2 June (6–8PM).

Amber Nuttall is a Melbourne-based artist and designer working predominantly in oil paint and ceramic. After growing up in the Ballarat area, Amber moved to Melbourne to become a textile designer. Her painting practice focuses on depictions of the ordinary, from memory, imagination and her immediate environment. With table-scape scenes that form a suggested narrative, seizing moments in time.

Amber’s sculptural work is intuitive, hand-built and an exploration of the textured surface.

Exhibition Collection