it is all i can do to remember what once was
dana falcini
5–22 Oct

Dana Falcini’s new body of work records and remembers her history to protect and transmit personal stories. Prompting remembrance, these artifacts decipher and interpret the past, bringing it to life in the present so a future can be directed. Each piece holding mysteries and secrets capture the remains of what is left behind, transforming them into reminders that from death and endings, life finds new beginnings.

Falcini is a fibre artist known for creating sculptural installations using natural materials including fish skin, gut, hair and bone. The rawness of her material is transformed as she shapes, weaves, stitches and fuses them together into delicate forms.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of It is all I can do to remember what once was on Friday 6 October (6–8PM).

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It is all I can do to remember what once was is presented as part of Craft Contemporary 2023, an annual festival delivered by Craft Victoria.