jonathan vyssaritis
30 may–16 june

‘Conditions’  combines biological and surreal imagery to explore the human condition. 

Emerging artist Jonathan Vyssaritis uses organic amalgamations of organs, veins, cells and sinew to confront and allure. Vyssaritis draws reference from anatomical images and visits to a biochemistry lab to create intricate biological compositions suspended in negative space. 

The ongoing series of monochromatic gouache paintings explores the tension that occurs when the line is blurred between subject and object. As the organic forms play with the beauty present in the biological, a sense of horror is inherently present. 

Vyssaritis depiction of viscera experiments with our instinctual reaction to our own mortality and fragility.

Jonathan Vyssaritis is a Naarm based artist and RMIT Fine arts graduate.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Conditions on Friday 31 May (6–8PM)

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