Kaugal & Kauboi Kantri
Jill Daniels
13–28 July

"Dijan ibin abu la gabada wen ibin lilgal, dey bin dumbat mastarimbat ere la Ngukurr.  Dey bin abum steition ebidiwer.”

"This is my memories from when I was a little one, they use to do a lot of mustering around Ngukurr. This was cattle country. There used to be cattle stations everywhere.”
– Jill Daniels

Presented by BSG Projects and Ngukurr Arts, Kaugal & Kauboi Kantri (or, Cowgirl and Cowboy Country in Kriol) brings the colourful stories of Jill Daniel’s cocowgirls and cowboys to Naarm. Painted in Jill's bold and playful style, we follow the cowgirls and cowboys as they muster cattle and buffalo, ride across country and show us the ways of life in North East Arnhem Land.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Kaugal & Kauboi Kantri on Saturday 13 July (6–8PM)