All Hat, No Herd
Mellow War
27 January–11 February 2024

All Hat, No Herd is an exploration of the landscapes and lifestyles of the American West. Drawing inspiration from the simplicity of rural life and the rugged charm of the Western United States, Mellow War conveys the beautiful contrast between the extreme landscapes and unhurried pace of life.

Growing up in Idaho, Mellow War has a deep connection to the extreme beauty of the region. This exhibition is a tribute to the landscapes that have always felt like home and a nod to the cowboy culture, dive bars, and rodeos that are quintessentially Western. 

The art in All Hat, No Herd is personal, reflecting the artists journey of self-discovery and the ever-growing appreciation for the outdoors.

As someone who experienced the challenges of growing up queer in a conservative small town, Mellow War had a reawakening to the healing of being immersed in nature and has found immense beauty in the contradictions of life.

Now living in Melbourne, Mellow War finds himself drawn back to his roots, to reconnect with the simplicity and serenity of the Western landscape. All Hat, No Herd is their response to this homesickness and an invitation for the viewer to pause and appreciate the beauty of rural America, and country lifestyle.

Mellow War's friend, Jared Bolton helped make the frames  - some from reclaimed wood as well as from Tasmanian Oak.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of All Hat, No Herd on Saturday 27th January (6–8PM).

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