Demon Rhythm
Micah Rustichelli
27 January–11 February 2024

Demon Rhythm by Micah Rustichelli is an endurance painting project in which the artist has committed to painting 1000 images taken from what is supplied to them by their recommended Instagram feed. In November of 2022 Rustichelli had images of their artworks taken from social media and used to create an AI image generator which imitates their style.

Following this experience, the artist began the process of Demon Rhythm, painting 1000 stolen images with the intention to then use these artworks to create their own image generator in their style of work. In doing so, Rustichelli is challenging their relationship to painting, treating their role in this project as closer to that of an image generator.

The outcome of this process is not only a reestablished relationship to painting and the role of the artist in creating an image, but also an expansion of their practice to explore and accommodate the inevitable development of AI, on their own terms.

The works presented here represent Phase One of the project, the first 500 painted works, with the completed exhibition of 1000 works scheduled for November 2024.

The artworks presented in Phase One are available for early pre-order. For anyone wishing to secure pieces early and support this project in progress, please visit the artists website.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Demon Rhythm on Saturday 27th January (6–8PM).