Mimesis: An Exploration of Natural Perception
Carrie Retallack
7–21 December 2023

Mimesis: An Exploration of Natural Perception invites viewers on a digital odyssey, exploring 12 unique artworks that draw inspiration from the beauty of natural forms. Weaving a captivating narrative, the collection utilises a rich palette of textures, dynamic compositions, and vibrant hues.

The photographic content pays homage to nature’s inherent textures and patterns, layered through an intuitive process that navigates the delicate balance between deliberate curation and unrestrained exploration.

While featuring familiar subjects such as florals, landscapes, and abstract forms on the surface, a deliberate theme of misrepresentation threads through the collection. Intricately layered textures emulate alternative aesthetic forms, challenging the viewer’s ingrained sense of perception.

Each artwork is presented as a limited series. Beyond those on display, subsequent editions are available made-to-order in various sizes, offering a choice of print on archival paper or high-quality canvas, and the option to have the artwork framed or unframed.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Mimesis on Friday 8 December (6–8PM).

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