Within the Walls
Nancy Liu
15 February–3 March 2024

This series comprises a thoughtful selection of works that illustrate the artist’s apartment and her cats, revealing the intimate relationship between her and her cherished companions. Each piece is a window into her daily life, offering glimpses into quiet moments of solitude and joy, the chaos and calm, the light and shadows that exist within the four walls of her apartment.

Through her skilled use of watercolour, the artist captures the fleeting and delicate moments of life in a manner that is deeply personal and, at the same time, universally relatable. The play of light and colour in the apartment scenes reveals an extraordinary ability to translate the mundane into the magical, while the portrayal of the cats goes beyond their physical appearance, reflecting their individual personalities and the unique bond they share with the artist.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Within the Walls on Friday 16 February (6–8PM).

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