candice broderick
26 October–12 November 2023

Candice Broderick is an emerging artist from lutruwita/Tasmania. Her practice currently explores the ever-present viscerality that is found within the theatre of life. Working primarily with the medium of paint, her process aims to abstract colour, shape and composition in ways that build tension.

The visual discourse that takes place within this body of work speaks gently about the intimate connection she has with people and place. The paintings as objects are synonymous with the notion of a vehicle. They are the carrier method for expressing emotions which are deeply embedded in memories of evolving relationships. Evolution; a symptom of continuity.

OXIDE is a collection of paintings that transcend the physical and serve as a meeting place for peace and reflection. In viewing, breathe deeply and leave behind what you no longer need in exchange for renewed freedom and the courage to move forward.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of OXIDE on Friday 27 October (6–8PM).