18 April–5 May 2024

Apricity by Melbourne-based photographer p1xels delves into the intricate relationship between the actions of humans and our impact on the environment. Addressing therepercussions of the Anthropocene, the exhibition focuses on Iceland's vulnerable Breidamerkurjokull glacier and Jokulsarlon lagoon. Through the lens at dawn and dusk, p1xels captures the glacier's final stages, prompting reflection on climate change and advocating for personal accountability in reducing our carbon footprint. 

 Beyond surface aesthetics, the emotive compositions reveal the urgent realities of climate change, echoing p1xels' broader exploration of human impact on landscapes like Pripyat, Ukraine. Each photograph represents a delicate balance between nature's beauty and the harsh reality of a changing world, emphasizing our responsibility to safeguard these landscapes.

Journey through Breidamerkurjokull's heart, exploring intricate textures and patterns within icy caverns. The visual contrast of cotton candy skies against imposing icebergs serves as a metaphor for the planet's fragility, highlighting
interconnectedness and vulnerability.  

The exhibition encourages us to contemplate the changing hues of the sky mirroring the uncertain future of glaciers and to consider the consequences of climate change on Iceland's icy wonders. Apricity is a compelling call for collective action, urging urgency in preserving natural wonders and mitigating environmental consequences.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Apricity on Friday 19 April (6–8PM).

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