Group exhibition
30 may–16 june

PANCAKE is a collective group of local and international artists whose art reflects a blend of tradition and modernity influenced by Asian folk art, anime/manga, pop culture, vibrant colours and playfulness. The concept was originally inspired by the ‘superflat’ movement that was coined and popularised by Takashi Murakami. Similarly, we want to challenge the boundaries around art by blurring the distinction between high and low culture in order to be accessible to everyone. 

Featured Artists:
Annabel Le, Hannakin, jjjjjdo, jo0ia, JUHWA, Lauren D’Arcy, meru, miccamoo, *MINA, om3lette, plasticpeco, Pointy Triangles, Rochelle Oh, ruki, Stay Ugly, Thuan Huynh, tiff yue, Tim Sta-Ana, Yoona Love Kim

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of PANCAKE on Friday 31 May (6–8PM)

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