place(s) called home

group exhibition

14 sept–1 oct 2023

Place(s) Called Home examines the memories and nostalgia provided from a childhood scene, or a place of belonging. Acting as a primary source for developmental growth, the concept of ‘home’ is a basic unit for development, stability, and identity. This exhibition reveals the narratives of each artist through a nostalgic lens which prompts us to think of how we may experience a certain place based on past experiences, and how we come to call a place ‘Home’.

Reflecting on the ideologies of defining home as more than a place where you sleep at night, the artists within Place(s) Called Home explore the way our identities can be articulated through our past experiences and the places in which they occur.

Featured artists:

Amber Nuttall, Alicia Douglas, Amanda Western, Brooke Holiday, Cathryn Ambrose, Charlotte Job, Chris Macpherson, D.M Ross, Dana Hubraq, Emily Ryan, Eleanor Purseglove, Heidi Lai, Isabel Khong, Isabella Imperatore, Inge Flinte, Jay Jai Gray, Julie Toffolo, Jess Powell, James Riches, Jo Dunsmuir,  Kat Vonic, Kayla Pears, Kelly So, Krystyna Katsouri, Loz Pierotti, Max Ballard, Maria Nguyen. Mary Nguyễn, Meredith Thomas, Nerrida Parfitt, Nikki Mano, Otto Macpherson, Parita Thakkar, Peter Tankey, Remee Wood, Stephanie Samartzis, Shelley Mckenzie, Santiago Mals, Simone Linssen, Virginia Guest, Wade Taylor, Yoony Yoony and Zoe Woebken.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Place(s) Called Home on Friday 15 September (6–8PM).