Reality and its Double
Group Exhibition
9–26 May 2024

Photography has often been characterised as a kind of mirror, a surface reflecting the appearance of the world around us. While many artists are attracted to the camera for its uncanny ability to mirror and record reality, others see in photography an opportunity to poetically express the subjectivity of truth and the distortion of memory.

Reality and its Double is a group photography exhibition of works that blur the boundary between fact and fiction, the world and the image, reality and its double.

Featured Artists: Alistair Marks, Ben Kelly, Cara Coombe, Caroline Esbenshade, Claudia Lewis, Colin Mowbray, Demi Kromidellis, Emily Schulumberger, Fariba Barazandeh, Felix Oliver, Grace Chang, Gretel Bull, Hunter Wilson, Jasna Chilimanova Nakova, Jeremy Guzman, Jeff Andersen, Joel Van Rooyen, Kathleen Szalay, Kat Vonic, Keith Westbrook, Louise Alexander, Lucy Kingsley, Lucas Testro, Luke McKenzie, Mai Naito, Maite Pons, Mark Kleine, Masa Hoss, Melanie Schuijers, Melanie Thoren, Mimi Ghali, Phoebe Kelly, Pippa Bond, Tony Feury, Vaughan Stedman

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Reality and its Double on Friday 10 May (6–8PM).

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