With warm colours and dream-like scenes, Searching for Paradise explores simple moments in the day to day where ‘paradise’ can be found. We can feel pressure to achieve more out of life, to strive towards our own personal utopia which can leave us detached from the present. This collection of artworks are reminders to be present, to notice and make the most of the good things happening now.

Through oil and gouache paintings, pastel drawings and lino cuts, Otto aims to experiment with expressive mark making, colour palettes and representation of the figure as he lets go and allows the artworks to go where they want to go.

The subject matter focusses on some of our basic needs, such as shelter and social interaction and highlights an appreciation and care for our natural environment.

Recurring archways are used to symbolise paradise or heaven, connecting a distant spiritual world to the present as well as represent the artists grapple with and exploration of his own faith.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Searching for Paradise on Saturday 28 January (6–9PM)