winter warmth
sonia spindler & shantaya satyam
30 may–16 june

Shantaya and Sonia invite you in from the cold to experience a gentle sanctuary in the journey of discovery. Rendered through a diverse range of mediums, textures and colour, the atmospheric artworks presented in their exhibition, Winter Warmth, are their response to the experiences that shape and connect them to their inner worlds. 

They came together at a time when they were both ready to take their creative practice to a deeper level. They discovered their artistic practices were aligned as both were emerging to a place where they were committed to exploring subtle nuances and a new depth of connection and creative expression.    

Sonia and Shantaya’s creative practices have spanned thirty years. Through different seasons, their styles have evolved through a deepening appreciation of where they find meaning in their lives. Influenced by nature and the experiences in life that build resilience, patience and gratitude for the abundance of gifts in the everyday, this collection represents a richer level of authenticity in their art practices.

Shantaya Satyam is a Visionary Artist. Her spiritual journey, love of the enchanted, and the extensive travel that she has done, has encouraged Shantaya to explore in her art the endless worlds that exist beyond the human eye. Shantaya’s visions capture the essence and beauty within her subject matter. Her paintings evolve through many layers of transparent paint using various mediums, such as Acrylic, Oil, Water Colour, Pastel, Charcoal, and Mixed Media. She currently works out her studio, in Melbourne.

Sonia Spindler is a contemporary artist. Her paintings have evolved over thirty years, through exploration of different mediums, styles and expressions. Sonia finds inspiration from the colours in nature, words and the small moments of everyday life that leave their mark on her heart. Her works usually begin as a response to a place, a moment, or phrase that translates into colour on the canvas. The blending of colours and marks emerge through layers of paint that surprise and sometimes challenge Sonia as they find their way to a harmonious and a unique journey of completion. 

Sonia is committed to a sustainable art practice, where possible using local Australian products and services. She supports small businesses and sustainable resources for framing, paints, packaging and other materials in her practice. Sonia currently paints from her studio in Melbourne.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of WINTER WARMTH on Friday 31 May (6–8PM)