Ups and downs
Jayla Kristenlee Caprio
27 January–11 February 2024

Ups and Downs by Jayla Kristenlee Caprio explores themes involving the duality of life. That we understand the positive and negative impacts which can occur throughout our lives and impact many situations.

Caprio addresses mental health and the effects it has on people, and is interested in the learnt ways people survive these struggles whilst looking at the positives. Bright colours are employed to help express emotions felt by the artist, and as a way to help break barriers that may exist when looking and thinking about deeper topics.

On this exhibition Jayla Kristenlee Caprio says:

"I treat my art as a spiritual experience, taking in each layer or step of the creation of the work and appreciating the whole process. Each piece in this exhibition comes from personal experiences that I’ve either overcome or still working on."

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Ups and Downs on Saturday 27th January (6–8PM).