You are here: a cosmic perspective

Darren Healey

11–28 MAY 2023

Healey's You Are Here: A Cosmic Perspective intends to open minds to a conciseness that reflects how space, time and matter relate to our own sense of identity and belonging within the vast universe–considering a ‘cosmic perspective’ that allows us to see beyond our limited personal circumstances whilst magnifying Earth’s place within the cosmos.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of You Are Here: A Cosmic Perspective on Friday 12 May (6–8PM).

Exhibition Collection

Darren Healey is an artist from the U.K. now based in Melbourne who works in sculpture and video. He is interested in the wider universe and explores the unpredictability and instability of everyday life from a cosmic perspective, that produces a renewed sense of wonder toward
ourselves. Releasing work under the aptly named 'dformed' he creates sci-fi tinged disfigured sculptures. The pieces or "dforms" take inspiration from scientific principles, theories and the visual geology of the natural cosmos, encapsulating chaos and tension whilst simultaneously
being suspended in time.

You Are Here: A Cosmic Perspective by Darren Healey is part of Melbourne Design Week 2023, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.