Group Exhibition
7–21 December 2023

Welcome to SUMMERTIDE, a captivating group exhibition that observes the myriad of hues, sensations, and narratives of summer through the artistry of diverse mediums. From vibrant canvases depicting sun-drenched landscapes to objects embodying the essence of beachside reverie, and photographs that freeze moments of euphoria, SUMMERTIDE becomes a kaleidoscope of summer's joy. 

As the season's warmth envelops us, our artists draw from their unique perspectives to unveil the beauty and vitality of these sun-soaked months. Each work resonates with the enchantment of this cherished season, invoking nostalgia and inspiration, reminding us that summer's splendour transcends the limitations of any medium.

Featured Artists:

Amber Nuttall, Ariana Luca, Arite Kannavos, Aura Margolin, Christopher Allery, Claire Stapleton, Darcy Shilton, Deb Huff, Elle-Louise Burguez, Eva Stockdale, Giorgia Bel, Holly Lambert, Imogen Davis, Isabel Khong, Jan Alexander, Jenna Winship, Kate Clausen, Liam Haley, Lisa Banh, Lisa Hu, Marnie Ross, Melissa Grisancich, Mimi Ghali, Natalie Bessell, Natalie Pirotta, Natalie Steer, Nyssa Braid, Sam Iurada, Shantaya Satyam, Thomas Gloyn, Wilson Green

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of SUMMERTIDE on Friday 8 December (6–8PM).