Contrasting Connections
Zory McGrath
2–14 April 2024

Brunswick Street Gallery is delighted to present the latest exhibition from Zory McGrath, newly represented by the gallery.

In her latest exhibition, Contrasting Connections, artist Zory McGrath explores the interplay between person and place, with striking figurative groupings that observe the complexity of human relationships apparent during even prosaic times.

Zory McGrath depicts people going about their daily life–walking their dogs and passing each other by. With the deliberate contrast of her subjects against an intentionally restrained background, suddenly the mundane rituals of life become spotlit, cinematic moments to consider with more intention. Capturing a range of human experiences, we are invited to contemplate the diversity and complexity of relationships, however fleeting, and consider our intimate, inner lives that are often in stark contrast to the bustling world around us.

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the opening of Contrasting Connections on Thursday 4 April (6–8PM).