Current Exhibitions

22 JUNe–5 July 2024

Call of the Coast

Alexander Beech

Pieces of Us

Toni Vallance

Dedicated to the people who destroyed me

Lauren Cameron

Kaugal & Kauboi Kantri

Jill Daniels

Nostalgia // Νοσταλγία

Elena Piakis

Arch, Boss and Capitol. ABC.

David Davies


Maya Tamang

Brunswick Street Gallery hosts a dynamic annual program of exhibitions featuring work from some of Australia’s brightest emerging and established artists. Explore our exhibitions online or visit our historic gallery, located on the land of the Wurundjeri people, in the heart of bustling Fitzroy.

Upcoming Exhibitions

1–18 August 2024

I am home

Millie Mitchell

What Lies Beneath

Charlene Walker and Glenn Harrison

What's yours is mine

Amelia Gaskell

Conjuring.: ..~”

Group Exhibition